Duties & Taxes

Duties & Taxes

Prior to shipment delivery, the shipper or consignee may be asked to pay additional duties and taxes, and the government tax is for: The customs office of the destination country will review the commercial invoice for the value and category of the goods and will release your goods for delivery once duties and taxes have been settled by the shipper or consignee.

To protect domestic industries
Control certain products'
Increase revenue

Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) is set by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) every decade. The current version was created in 2010, these terms outline the responsibility for paying duties and taxes lies with the shipper or consignee Benefits of Incoterms:
1. Clearly defining each party's responsibilities.
2. Standardizing terms across countries.
3. Accepted around the globe.

VAT, Customs Duties, Shipping Taxes

VAT, Customs Duties, Shipping Taxes

Import duty

Import duty
percentages vary for different products.

(Goods & Service Tax)

Charged in stages and refunded to all parties except the buyer.

(Value Added Tax)

Charged to final consumers when they purchase goods or services.

De Minimis Value

A threshold above which a tax is due.



The following Incoterms apply to B2C businesses and traditional eCommerce sellers:

DDU Incoterms
(Deliver Duty Unpaid)

Customer or consignee is responsible for settling customs charges to release goods for delivery.

DDP Incoterms
(Deliver Duty Paid)

Seller is responsible for risks and costs of shipment, including import duty and other delivery charges.

Preparation of
Duties & Taxes

Easy calculation of taxes and duties

CNShip4Shop 's Duties and Taxes Calculator simplifies the calculation of taxes and duties for all countries worldwide.

Preparation of customs duty and tax

Customs Duty Calculator can be used to estimate the customs duty on international shipments. An order value that is lower than the de minimis value does not require payment of import duty.

Options for paying customs duty

CNShip4Shop offers post-paid (DDU) and pre-paid (DDP) options at the checkout page.
*For orders with Taiwan as the destination, only the pre-paid (DDP) option is available.

Customs broker

With CNShip4Shop, eCommerce companies can resolve all customs problems easily, eliminating the need for customs brokers altogether.

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